9 Things We just CAN’T Quit!

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While watching Corri attempt to downgrade her LA Fitness gym membership, after being told upon sign-up that she could downgrade anytime without any issues (“just give us a call”)…it reminded me of the countless TV shows I’ve seen where you just can’t quit the gym!

Then I went back to my seemingly endless binge of HGTV reno shows…THEN realized I should compile a list of the things that we WANT to quit, but we CAN’T; whether its self-inflicted or circumstantial.

Anyone else find it impossible to QUIT these (and what am I missing?):


9 Things We CAN’T Quit!  …Even Though We Should:

  1. The Gym – we’ll get it out of the way.  LA Fitness, you lied to my wife to sign her up, then you lied again when you said the first available supervisor would call her back (unless no supervisors work on Mondays?)
    Why would you let her get SUPER-strong and then make her angry???  Its like reverse-HULK.
    Gym Class Hero
  2. My car insurance company – I just happened into this today, and after spending 45 minutes switching my auto insurance to USAA, I called to cancel with GeicoGeico then told me about their special other OTHER discounts, which were way better than my new policy with USAA…so I called back USAA to let them down politely, and then THEY told me that we should re-examine my policy and find ways to tweak it and make it even better than Geico.   I swear to god, I don’t even remember which insurance company I ended up with, but I’m either insured or double-insured right now.
  3. Marvel – every. single. Marvel. show. (or movie).  This could also have just said Netflix since after I binged out on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, I then noticed Flaked and remembered House of Cards came back and that I need to set a reminder for the debut of Luke Cage… OH!  Go see Deadpool!
  4. Social Media Controversies – after the heartbreak of finding out The Dress was NOT actually white & gold, I keep getting dragged into these phenomenon.. This weekend, every person on earth had to test whether they could see the image inside the red dot (can you!?)
    The Dot
  5. Facebook – We’ve got Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, and Google+ but we can’t quite let go of Facebook…we can ‘cut the cord’ on cable, but won’t allow Facebook to slip into the ether that MySpace sunk into..
    *Which reminds me, even though I didn’t know him, and didn’t really necessarily want him..I couldn’t ever quit Tom on MySpace.  He’s still my friend, if anyone remembers my password…
    Tom from MySpace
  6. Toys – i have a kid, so I had to look this fact in the face…but you can’t quit loving toys.  Before Radley had the hand-eye-coordination to even grab a toy, I was already buying “him” ninja turtles, Hot Wheels, stuffed animals, Legos (this is a long list that will only get embarrassingly longer)…and this weekend, Corri was more excited about the Batmobile monster truck that Rad made at RideMakerz than he was.  She still says “That is AWESOME” everytime she sees it in the house…every single time, for three days.
    Batmobile Monster Truck
  7. (Re)Taking Pictures – there are countless trips where I have jumped into some sort of water with my phone in my pocket…but even as a tourist who is now using a disposable camera,  I still have moments where I go “Dangit, I might have had a double-chin in that one, I should take one more, just in case..”  12 photos later, I’m averaging one disposable camera for every two locations I wanted to take a picture.  And I’m gonna have to face the Walgreens photo tech who prints them out for me…  STILL, we’d all rather suffer the embarrassment of horns honking while we get a few backup shots of ourself in the crosswalk, than face that one wrinkle near our eye that sneaks in and ruins a photo for eternity!  #filtersfool
  8. Energy Drinks – for me its Guru Lite (except when the one store that sells them is sold-out), for YOU maybe its Starbucks.  I wake up and will admit that my first thought is not to see my son or wife, its to see that cold, white & red can.  They’re easy, fast and everywhere – like frat guys, I assume – and we ALL need them in our lives.  If not for our sake, for our loved ones’.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.51.01 PM
  9. Buying things you DIDN’T come to Target for – my sister-in-law had to actually pick up her phone in Memphis and call Corri, to tell her that she had gone to Target for three things…and left with ONLY those three things.  Its that big of a deal!  *also, no one actually believes her (you know she grabbed a magazine or one of the items in the dollar bins, but just didn’t count it cuz she was already in line)
    That time Corri and I bought $540 worth of NOTHING



As you prepare to comment or tweet @tybentli and let me know what I forgot on this list of things you CAN’T Quit, here’s what the people in my living room just added:
Corri – “I can’t quit…loving you, Ty” (cheeseball)
Radley – “Cupcakes!” (practical and legit)


Oh – and its a horse:
The Dot - horse

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