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This page will grow over time…its really weird to try to squish my real life into a web page, because there are all sorts of sub-categories that go along with it:

– Being in love with Corri
– the indescribable exploits of being a dad
– my amazing family (lifelong and in-laws)
– the fears of being a person
– my coolest memories
– and my absolutely incredible friends
**then there’s the “embarrassing moments” “crazy ex-gfs” “clothes I should never have worn in photographs”

I have decided that I’ll add to this section every few days. I’ll address each of the things mentioned above, but I should start with the most-important aspect of my life: MY family. The one that started with a commitment-phobe finding his own love-story.
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The Corri Storri (sp?):
Rather than bore you with the details, I’ll just share this video from the night I proposed to Corri. Our life was a whirl-wind of perfect timing (honestly)…everything happened as fast as it possibly could, while remaining perfect.

I made this video in little bits and pieces, over three months. The first vignette was after a two-week visit where she’d surprised me with the news that she was going to move from LA (where we had met) to NYC (where I had accepted a job, three months after we started dating).  I’d been telling her that I would love that, but had always been a commitment-phobe so she was originally worried that I was hoping she wouldn’t move.  I was thrilled – and now I knew she loved me in a very important way…and I realized I loved her in a very important way – so I began filming pieces of a video that I planned to use in my proposal.

-There’s a surprise twist to the story between the first and second vignette
-Corri had NO idea I would be proposing, ever (I’d been referencing Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn a lot)
-Corri had no indication what this video was about, even as she was watching it (you notice I kept it as vague as possible until near the end)
-She was watching this at 9pm in Central Park…sitting on the bench that you will see (we had gone on a “casual” walk that “happened” to end up there)
-Immediately after the video, I got down on my knee and squeaked out a proposal
**if you watch a couple times, you’ll notice ridiculous things in the background! I LOVE NEW YORK! ;c)


AND…our first picture as an engaged couple (recognize the bunny hat?):


and that led to this…

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.53.04 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.51.43 PM


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