Warning:  You’ll probably only love this if you’re a total radio geek, too!


KWSN – Sioux Falls SD
*pushing buttons between Dr. Laura segments, etc
*SPEAKING ON THE RADIO!!!  5-minute news reports at 6am on a Sunday morning on an AM station in market 219.

KTWB – Sioux Falls SD
*yeah, that’s a T, not KDWB..
*Outlaw Country was the first music on-air shift I did.. I forgot to say the name of the station almost every time, and was absolutely never ever asked to cover a shift ever ever again.
*Huge thanks to my friend, Alexis Rae (now Dr. Lexi), who validated that she “heard the news update on Sunday morning!” every week – she had no idea how exciting that was for me

KCLD – St Cloud MN
*first real on-air gig I had – I ‘persistently’ followed-up with the PD until he let me have an interview
*I learned a TON doing overnights in the haunted basement that housed the station
**including what to say when there is a ghost, that there are ghosts, and that strippers will talk you into taking out a credit card at The Buckle to buy a bunch of clothes that I will actually never wear after my freshman year in college.
*I also was able to get great guidance from people like Scotty Davis and the insanely-talented JJ Kincaid (one of the two most-influential jocks in my career) who let me visit them at KDWB and then airchecked with me until the wee hours

KLAL (Alice 107-7) – Little Rock
*My first chance to REALLY be me…one of my mentors was finally nice enough to tell me to stop “puking” – a delivery style I’d hated but that everyone had been too scared to admit was “pukey” cuz they thought I’d lose my “energy”
*after Randy Cain, Scott Mahalick and Tic Tak changed my entire style…I had my first experience with ratings success!  i was able to be creative and active in the community and hire interns and train newcomers.  This was a super special place for me
**Also, I’d heard Cain say “Alice at 95-5” on an FMQB aircheck, and I thought I’d made it, cuz I was on a station that was also named Alice!

KDHT – Austin
*mornings at 22 years old was awesome!  I was still too young to fear it, and it was kinda fun to be up against the same guy who’d ben across the street in Little Rock.  Bobby Bones is a really hard-working guy, and cracked me up with his strange ways of playing radio-battle (sending an intern to break into the station in Little Rock in the middle of the night…when no one is listening anyway…and a few things I can’t exactly prove, but am pretty sure he was behind – all of which I thought showed a lot of passion for the business).
*It probably didn’t hurt that things went well…while he was up the street at the heritage KHFI, I was trying to get Texas’ coolest city to know about a brand new station – eventually we ended up at #1.
*the super big bummer in Austin was that my PD, Jay Michaels, bailed out in the middle of my contract, and the joy of that station went with him.  The new guy made me so annoyed with radio (and him in particular) that I left the industry and moved to LA with my girlfriend at the time…really cool experience as well, that I count as a huge perk of life – the unexpected!
*Also – i can’t say enough great things about the insanely talented team that surrounded me in Austin – Mimi, Squeak-E, Duece-Duece & Kurupt!
Mimi’s strength as a single-mom (and her certainty that she would win the co-host job – she was the first person to call me about it, she made enchiladas to work her way into my heart, and she turned out to be the most-unique and special team member I could have hoped for!)  Also – huge shout to Spivey, who wanted in on the show and became a critically important and loved part of our Hot 93-3 family!

WKSC – Chicago
*After a hiatus from radio, some dude named Gillette called me out of the blue!
*I was in LA, living on a very tight-budget and LOVING my spot in life
*it was one of the most-difficult decisions I’ve ever made…revel in the uncertainty of LA (which also means something HUGE could be just around the corner) or take a job back in radio but in a MAJOR role
*Gillette was in a hurry, and wanted me there ASAP, and was surprised when I asked to come visit the station first
*the second I touched down in Chicago, i knew I was home!  I still feel that way
*this was my first years-long run at #1 – learning SO much from G…learning so much about myself…and realizing how special I could treat the listeners, and how much they would appreciate the fact that I loved them back.
*I’m still in love with Chicago, the listeners (who were like family) and the life I had there.  I miss it like a one-that-got-away girlfriend

Random audio from somewhere in this area…

*its weird to suddenly be in a position where LA actually offered me a huge job!
*prior to Chicago, I’d tried to just get a parttime job in the building and no one paid any attention…now they were offering me fulltime afternoon drive!
*although I didn’t necessarily revel in my new position (LA didn’t offer that morning-show style that I was able to succeed with in Chicago), I was very happy in the city and the people I worked with were great.  I made a lot of friends at Clear Channel in LA
*It was also great to walk away from there (to take a shot at the next thing on this list) BEATING KIIS-FM!
*Looking at the ratings and saw that i was not only beating the heritage DOMINANT station with 25-54 W (not a common feat), I was #1 in the market…that still is a fantastic feeling!
**and then there were other demos to look at that were similarly nice (like 18-34…but my quest – and bonuses – was with 25-54).  I’m still reveling in it…its the reason this entire unnecessary bullet-point is here

WXRK – New York
*This was a big step for me!  Although I had morning experience, it had been years earlier and was in a much smaller market.  I knew I’d have a learning curve, but was hoping that the station would have the proper push to market itself well and with a clear strategy ..
*it was awesome to realize that I might be headed into a job to take over for Nick Cannon.  And then I realized it was also the same job that Howard Stern used to have – when WXRK was K-Rock!
*The other AMAZING serendipitous detail, was that as I was headed toward mornings, Gillette was surprised with an invitation become PD – and I ended up working for HIM again!
*I still remember the first day that we beat KTU in a ratings period!  And probably the second time that result showed up, too..
*this was honestly a rocky situation, for a million reasons – there were a lot of good pieces to the puzzle, but a few key-components that muddled things up.  I have heard that they fixed some of those issues, and realigned some things to make it a better station since flipping brands.  I hope so – that station sounded so GREAT in its peak months, with Gillette really designing a great sound and personality overall.  It was just too many years of New York not liking the station for us to get a foothold without some marketing…I think that G would have made it happen if he’d been around the last year of my contract, but there were already some changes a-brewing…and he ended up in a great spot!
**although, I also still enjoy that I was able to go out with a huge lead in all primary demos over the legendary PLJ.  That might be a different story now, with Gillette now overseeing the station and things seemingly headed back to where the station deserves to be!  he’s always gonna win if given enough rope.  always.
**Did I mention how much fun we had in NYC!

Cumulus Media – I’ve already had amazing experiences – especially backstage and on the red carpet at a bazillion award shows, with my partner-in-crime Kerri Kasem.  Our syndicated evening specials and on-camera coverage are some of my favorite endeavors yet!  There are big things ahead for this company!  I joined with a big vision and grand goals…even with the changes that have taken place in the last year, I’ve seen that this company has huge potential if the right vision is in place.  Exciting times ahead!

Also worked at or on..
KYSR – St Cloud
WUBL – Atlanta
WSIX! – Nashville
WMAD – Madison
KNIX – Phoenix
KSLZ – St Louis
KAJA – San Antonio
WCKT – Ft Meyers
WPOC – Baltimore
WNCI – Cleveland
WLTE – Chicago