5 Awkward Situations In My Real Life!

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*Lists – the lowest common denominator.  I love them cuz they’re easy to organize.  I read them cuz I know what I’m in for, and its not David Foster Wallace…its mindless, relatable and numbered.


I realized what a relief it was that I could compliment my mom’s new floral arrangements via text, this morning!  She’d sent me a video with all of the new outdoor beauty she’s added to the entryway of their house – including some kickass new vases!

I remain relieved every time I type that word:  Vases.

You don’t know how I’m pronouncing it in my head; in written form, words are read the way the reader pronounces them!  Meanwhile, in real life, using that word – especially for the unpredictable masses via the radio – leaves me with one of the most stressful decisions I run across in my normal life!

And now, a list.

5 Awkward Situations list

Where in the World is Ty Bentli??? PART FIVE – To Denver


We (Corri, Radley and Ty Bentli) just arrived in Los Angeles after a move across the country!  I documented the entire month long journey on my iPhone…

The last decade of my life has offered the chance to hear lots of truth and real-life stories on-air, but I usually don’t show the visual version. This is the raw us!

I believe this was the most-fulfilling month of my life.  It is definitely the most-special time I have had with my son!  Add in the friends and family that we got to see…it was incredible!

NOTE: Normally, I wouldn’t post videos longer than a few minutes, but since you aren’t being forced to watch, you must be watching cuz you’re interested..
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PART 5: To Denver  We are reunited with Corri, finally!  After 2 weeks apart, she only had eyes for one…  but was it Radley or Ty.  And, Radley and Ty ‘communicate’ to avert disaster in a hotel room!