LIVE: With Kelly and Ty

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How it started:  Nomi – a former intern of mine at 103-5 KissFM in Chicago – got very serious about her idea that I should follow in the (size 10.5 like me?) shoes of Michael Strahan, as co-host on ABC’s LIVE with Kelly…so serious, that she created and tweeted this graphic:
Live with Kelly and Ty

Since I always utilize and build social media accounts for the station or show that I am on…I’m WEAK on my personal socials.

BUT, I felt like Nomi deserved to have her time and effort validated – plus, I’d clearly love the chance to return to New York, return to tv, and get to spend each day in conversations and discussions with fun and intriguing people (celebrities or not)! – so I jumped in on my Snapchat to have some fun with this idea..

Here’s the video you may have seen on my Snap Story yesterday @TyBentli

Will this really work?:
 Probably not, but it probably has a better chance than throwing nickels into the East River and making a wish..
I’ve had so much support from listeners and viewers of my shows over the years – in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore, DC, Little Rock, Austin, St Louis, St Cloud, Phoenix, San Antonio, Ft Myers, Madison plus the national stuff.  It would be AWESOME to be able to bring all of those audiences together every morning to enjoy the same stuff we’ve enjoyed for the last 18 years!  Plus, we all know I love live-broadcasts that take phone calls – listeners are the reason I love my job…they throw surprise twists, hilarious references, or create the heart of moments. DAMMIT, Nomi!  Now that I wrote all this, I actually REALLY want this job!

Ty Bentli - square Navy
How Can YOU Help?:
 From what @scottykonair @kerrikasem and @bradnolan told me yesterday…its all about Retweets and Shares!  Please tag a friend or 2 as you retweet this link:




Thank you to everyone who retweeted, reached out, and who is considering seeing Ty Bentli instead of just hearing him ;c)  Love, Ty.

PS – if I missed something on that SnapChat list of “Things I Need Before I Could Co-Host LIVE”…please Tweet me.  (now I’m gonna go try to get a “Manager” or whatever legitimate people have – everything I know is from Entourage or Jessie)

The Corri Storri

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The Corri Storri (sp?):
Rather than bore you with the details, I’ll just share this video from the night I proposed to Corri. Our life was a whirl-wind of perfect timing (honestly)…everything happened as fast as it possibly could, while remaining perfect.

I made this video in little bits and pieces, over three months. The first vignette was after a two-week visit where she’d surprised me with the news that she was going to move from LA (where we had met) to NYC (where I had accepted a job, three months after we started dating).  I’d been telling her that I would love that, but had always been a commitment-phobe so she was originally worried that I was hoping she wouldn’t move.  I was thrilled – and now I knew she loved me in a very important way…and I realized I loved her in a very important way – so I began filming pieces of a video that I planned to use in my proposal.

-There’s a surprise twist to the story between the first and second vignette
-Corri had NO idea I would be proposing, ever (I’d been referencing Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn a lot)
-Corri had no indication what this video was about, even as she was watching it (you notice I kept it as vague as possible until near the end)
-She was watching this at 9pm in Central Park…sitting on the bench that you will see (we had gone on a “casual” walk that “happened” to end up there)
-Immediately after the video, I got down on my knee and squeaked out a proposal
**if you watch a couple times, you’ll notice ridiculous things in the background! I LOVE NEW YORK! ;c)


AND…our first picture as an engaged couple (recognize the bunny hat?):


and that led to this…

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.53.04 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.51.43 PM