Where in the World is Ty Bentli??? PART 2 – SooFoo

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Roadtrip 2

We (Corri, Radley and Ty Bentli) just arrived in Los Angeles after a move across the country!  I documented the entire month long journey on my iPhone…

Although you hear a lot of truth and real-life stories on-air, I rarely show this version on camera. This is the raw us!  Me: a dad, husband, brother, son and grandson…

This is probably the most-fulfilling month of my life.  It is definitely the most-special time I have had with my son!


NOTE: Normally, I wouldn’t post videos longer than a few minutes, but since you aren’t being forced to watch, you must be watching cuz you’re interested..
(if you missed PART ONE, click here)

PART 2:  Arriving in Sioux Falls
We arrived in Sioux Falls, where I grew up.  Meet my fam, watch Radley and I be lazy…
**again, this was meant for memories and family…this may not be the most-exciting part of the video, but its my life!

I believe this section is where we are introduced to the fact that Radley MUST have “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on repeat whenever he is sleeping…a tougher fact to deal with when I am sleeping in the same room or using an old-school monitor to hear what’s going on 2 stories above me.

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