Where in the World is Ty Bentli!??

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UPDATE: PART 5 – To Denver.. now added (bottom of this page)

We (Corri, Radley and Ty Bentli) arrived in Los Angeles after a move across the country!  I documented the entire month long journey on my iPhone…

Although you hear a lot of truth and real-life stories on-air, I rarely show this version on camera. This is the raw us!  Me: a dad, husband, brother, son and grandson…

This is probably the most-fulfilling month of my life.  It is definitely the most-special time I have had with my son!

**Since it was originally intended just for family-viewing, be warned:  I am pretty sure I wore the same three outfits (that were in the one suitcase I could finagle out of our PACKED Jeep), and you’ll hear the sleepy, sentimental side – especially in Segment 1 when I was DEAD tired!


NOTE:  The 8 segments that I’ll post range from 2 minutes to 25 minutes – I edited them sporadically when Rad was asleep in our hotel rooms before I conked out for the night. Some encompass a week or more, some are just a couple days.  Normally, I wouldn’t post videos longer than a few minutes, but since you aren’t being forced to watch, you must be watching cuz you’re interested..

There’s no quiz afterward, just watch what you want to – maybe you’ll understand why I am so in love with the people in my life!


PART 1:  DC to Atlanta
This is the MOST-tired version of me.  I spent 36-straight hours moving everything from our Rockville home into storage units, then cleaning the whole house and repairing nail-holes, etc.  THEN drove 6 hours to Chetola in North Carolina to catch up with Corni and Rad (and watch the Super Bowl that night…I made it until 2-minutes left in the game)

We snowboarded for a couple days and then headed to spend time with Corri’s family in Atlanta.  She flew to LA from there…I shipped my car, packed Corri’s Jeep FULL, and Radley and I started on the next (1200 mile) leg of our epic..


PART 2:  Arriving in Sioux Falls
We arrived in Sioux Falls, where I grew up.  Meet my fam, watch Radley and I be lazy…
**again, meant for memories and family…this may not be the most-exciting part of the video, but its my life!

I believe this is where we are introduced to the fact that Radley MUST have “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on repeat whenever he is sleeping…a tougher fact to deal with when I am sleeping in the same room or using an old-school monitor to hear what’s going on 2 stories above me.


PART 3:  Adding a Dakota
More time with my fam around South Dakota.  My mom (“Gram”) took Radley and his cousin, Jocie, to the SoDak Children’s Museum.  I got to come along to supervise…and it turns out: I mostly just played and want to live there now.

You also get to meet KG’s fam…I have known her since we were (slightly older) kids playing together.. now, we see how much work that was for our parents.


PART 4: Stranded!  A roadtrip occurance that would normally just embarrass someone – and how I managed to make it even worse for myself!  Plus, how Radley and I made it all the way from South Dakota to Colorado…but only saw 3 cars along the way! (the secret:  Nebraska)

PART 5: To Denver  We are reunited with Corri, finally!  After 2 weeks apart, she only had eyes for one…  but was it Radley or Ty.  And, Radley and Ty ‘communicate’ to avert disaster in a hotel room!

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