Ty's Undeniable Artists - October 2019

Fall is in full swing in Nashville and I freakin love it! With a new season comes MUCH cooler weather, stylish layers, and new music. This month we have Artists with new releases mixed with a few classics that I always pull out this time of year. Check this out and let me know who you think I should be adding to my playlists in the comments!

Haley & Michaels


This duo is BLOWING UP and for good reason- their jam “Hail Mary” is the official song for the 49ers, along with playing at halftime for MNF. The couple joined The Ty Bentli Show as house band this month, and is doing BIG things the upcoming year. When I first listened to “Drinking About You,” I immediately fell in love with the passion that they emote through their music (and the catchy hook).

START WITH: “Giving It All (To You)”

DON’T MISS: “Drunk Text”

Learn more about them here.

The HighWomen


It’s no secret that these ladies are making bold statements right now and I am loving everything about them. Brandi Carlile hasn’t let me forget my oath to get the band logo tattooed on my currently tattoo-less skin - I’ll step up because they deserve that kind of support (and it is a good convo starter for my belief that there are some changes needed when it comes to opening doors to incredibly talented women in music)! These country power houses teamed up to make an unbelievable album with big statements about women empowerment behind undeniably great beats.

START WITH: “Redesigning Women”

DON’T MISS: “Highwomen”

Learn more about The HighWomen here.

Music Travel Love


These guys are ones to watch, they are making a statement in a big way in country. Their acoustic songs and lyrics are something that we haven’t seen in country in awhile. The simplicity of their songs is something special.

START WITH: “Lost in Your Love”

DON’T MISS: “When You Say Nothing At All”

Check out Music Travel Love here.

Steve Moakler


I have always been a massive fan of Steve’s. The first time he and I sat down to have a full conversation and talk music, I was locked. He has a unique style of country and brings it to the fans every chance he has! If you’re like me, his Born Ready album was attention-grabbing and you’ll love his new release, “Push” - it’s been stuck in my head in the best way.

START WITH: “Slow Down”

DON’T MISS: “Push”

Learn more about Steve here.



There is no way to describe the uniquely in-your-face, honest but fun sound of this trio of friends!  Avenue Beat is made up of the youngest stars in country music.  Their ability to create music that is unfiltered and relatable within seconds is mind-boggling to me.  I picture my sisters & best friends connecting directly, and am just as hooked, myself! Dare you not to be singing these songs for hours after you’ve listened!

START WITH: “Delight”

DON’T MISS: “Be A Bro”

Get to know AVENUE BEAT here.



HARDY stands out to me in ways that most country music artists don’t, he’s bringing something completely different to the table. He’s so talented that he has to hand off his surplus songs to some of the biggest stars in music.  Meanwhile, his reasonably traditional sound and his vocals are where the magic happens – listen to the lyrics and enjoy the scruffy and authentic tones.

START WITH: “Nothin’ Out Here”


Get to know HARDY here.

David Goldhahn