In The House - At Home With Ty’s Family

Even with the coolest job in the world, my everyday goal is to get back to three specific people.  There aren’t words to describe how in love I am with Corri, Radley, and Sebastian. I’ll just invite you into our house, so you can see. 

Family 5.jpg

Corri’s Story

It might have been unconventional… but here’s how I fell in love.

The Proposal

No, I do not mean the HILARIOUS Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds movie. This is our proposal story! I created this video over several months, rendered at Rosa Mexicano during dinner, and played it for my girlfriend at the bench in Central Park. Corri never saw it coming, and at the end of the video I dropped down on one knee. Watch the moment that changed our lives forever here.

Where in the World are Ty and Rad?

Back in 2016, I took the greatest vacation ever, a month-long road trip that went East-Coast to West-Coast with my two year old son, Radley. We moved from DC to LA with stops in between to snowboard, snuggle family, and see random giant boot stores in the desert! Hear more of our adventures along the way here

Bash Arrived!!

When we lived in NYC, we couldn’t figure out how we’d ever get a double-wide stroller down icy steps at the Houston 1-train stop in winter…  but when Corri and I were given the chance to move to Nashville… we knew Rad deserved to be a big bro!! Here is the first time he met Sebastian “Bash” Taylor.

David Goldhahn