Ty's Track List - October Tunes

Jon Langston- “Now You Know”

Perfect for tailgating or a long drive with the windows down, “Now You Know” is great for literally any hour. If you didn’t know you should be listening to Jon...well, now you know. 

Gone West- “What Could’ve Been”

Tight harmonies mixed with a perfect melody….what else could you ask for? 

Scotty McCreery- “In Between”

Party on a Friday night, a slow drive on Sunday morning- the best of both worlds, just like Scotty’s “In Between.” Everyone can relate to this one. 

Chris Lane- “Big, Big Plans”

Chris has some big, big plans coming up- like getting married to his new fiance Lauren Bushnell. Let me tell you, I’m here for this relationship, especially if it means more hits like this. 

Miranda Lambert- “Pretty Bitchin”

Miranda is known for saying it how it is, and this song is no exception. The catchy chorus will stay in your head all day...and that’s definitely not a bad thing. 

Morgan Wallen- “Chasin’ You”

Known for his drinking music, Morgan slows it down with “Chasin’ You”...and I dig it. The mellowness will have you seeing past the mullet and cutoffs to reveal a different side of Morgan. 

The Reklaws- “Old Country Soul”

Brother-sister duo, The Reklaws, bring the beat with “Old Country Soul.” With number 1’s in Canada, it’s only a matter of time before they crossover like label mates James Barker Band.

Canaan Smith- “Life Ain’t Fair”

Canaan pours his heart out in his new single which announces his wife’s pregnancy, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome him in his journey to fatherhood. If you’ve ever gone through a life transition, this song will hit your soft spot guaranteed. 

Jake Owen- “Homemade”

Food, memories, and presents from Rad and Bash- all better when homemade. Jake’s new hit will have you reminiscing on the past and thinking about what’s really important in life. 

Jason Aldean “We Back”

The ACM Artist of the Decade is not only BACK…he’s got everything we loved from the start still stockpiled and ready to move an entire stadium to its feet!  Get ready for the album, but enjoy this preview track!

Lady Antebellum “Ocean”

I’m all about the songwriter and that usually has me ultra-focused on lyrics…but Hillary and I agreed that there is something about this song from the upcoming album that sweeps you away and you just FEEL it.  And her vocal…whoa! Lady A sounds better than ever. EVER.

Avenue Beat “Delight”

These three friends were made to make music together!  And it’s not the “delight” lyric that will get you…it’s the two words you’ll be singing for the rest of the day!  Don’t stop here; start here and catch on to the ladies of Avenue Beat!

David Goldhahn