Ty’s Track List - September Tunes

Goodbye August, hello September! It’s the beginning of fall y’all and I storyboarded my Halloween decorations in June, so I’m ready!! With the new season comes a whole new batch of songs to dig into. Here are a few that I keep on loop…

The Highwomen - “Highwomen”

Maren, Brandi, Amanda, Natalie…their debut album is officially out!  I loved when Dolly did it, Miranda did it…now this power quartet defines 2019’s of country supergroups …and hearing them tackle this song is indescribable.

Cole Swindell - “Love You Too Late”

When someone pursues what they love, I’ll support every good thing they do. Example A: Cole Swindell – and his latest release brings the feels in the best way. 

Colt Ford & Mitchell Tenpenny - “Slow Ride”

Colt and M10 make for a dream collab. Two of country’s most-unique talents bringing me a song to cruise with. If I can sing along, I will…and I do..not well.   

Canaan Smith - “Beer Drinking Weather”

Canaan Smith is back and better than ever. “Beer Drinking Weather” will be the tailgating song of the season. 

Riley Green - “I Wish Grandpas Never Died”

It started when our pal, Big Worm, posted a live performance from Riley…the new song that left the internet in tears within twenty-four hours.

Jenna Paulette - “Blue Jeans”

Jenna Paulette is a name you should know. Her new west sound is infectious, and nothing shows it off quite like “Blue Jeans.” 

High Valley - “Single Man”

The High Valley boys have been making a name for themselves these past few years, and this will help solidify it.  Their dry humor makes them very likeable, this song makes them loveable!

Thomas Rhett - “Remember You Young” + #HixTapes with Hardy!

Thomas Rhett is on a winning streak, and “Remember You Young” continues it!  We all know he’s picturing Lauren on Centre Point Road…who will you be reminded of? …and you better get on those Hardy Hixtapes!!

Rachel Reinert - “All We Have” 

Rachel makes some cool vocal choices, especially in “All We Have.” It has a totally different melodic approach from a lot of songs I have heard lately, so you’ll definitely have this on repeat. 

Liddy Clark - “Friendly Fire”

Liddy is another young talent that has been showcasing a wide range of songwriting talents. Her new single “Friendly Fire” is a great introduction to her catalogue.

David Goldhahn