Ty’s Undeniable Artists - September 2019

Fall is quickly approaching and I’m ready for it. There is nothing better than the crunchy leaves for my kids to jump in, carving pumpkins with the family, and wearing my favorite hoodie around the studio. With the new season comes new music, so we’ve rounded up a few country singer/songwriters that are guaranteed to do big things this year -- check out our list of artists to watch and let us know what you think below!

Ingrid Andress


If I didn’t put Ingrid Andress on this list for 2019, I’d be embarrassed!  Every single one of her songs is as great as the one before it! She connects because she is not only real in her music, but so legit in real life.  Her understanding of a great lyric, important human connections, and her own musical talent mixes into an unbelievable song list! (and she doesn’t just write for herself…check this out)

START WITH: “More Hearts Than Mine” 

DON’T MISS: “Lady Like” …or “Both” … or anything. 

Watch our one-on-one interview here.

King Calaway


King Calaway’s members (Jordan, Chad, Simon, Chris, Austin, and Caleb) are all incredible musicians and vocalists.  They trade off frontman duties, switch up instruments and hit perfect harmonies. The joy they bring to music and the unique style returns country to the idea of bands like The Oakridge Boys.

START WITH: “Love The One You’re With”

DON’T MISS: “Driver’s Seat” – shows their energy, harmonies…and will wake you UP! 

Check out “Rivers” from King Calaway here.

Kassi Ashton


Her music drew me in, her music videos made me connect even more to the songs, but when I met Kassi Ashton and found out more about her background, inspiration and attention to every facet of her brand; I was hooked! Kassi’s voice can do anything – she’s undeniably talented, and a visionary! Check out her new one “Field Party.” 

START WITH:  “Taxidermy”

DON’T MISS: “Violins” – quirky, catchy, and the video is bananas

Our one-on-one to learn more.

Caylee Hammack


Caylee literally went through a ‘Trial by Fire’ to pursue her dreams in music! !  And we all win with her powerhouse voice and the connection of the song. She’s a smart songwriter, a true talent, and someone you will regret not having on your radar now. 

START WITH: “Family Tree” (she wanted you to, it’s lit, and I second her opinion)

DON’T MISS:  “Just Friends” – this album is gonna be deep with amazing music (like “redhead”), but see why I love the journey of this one…

Check out more from Caylee here.

James Barker Band


James Barker Band is a favorite of mine. All personality and super creative!  The Canadian band will blow you away with love songs, heartbreaking songs and everything in between.  Their new single, “There’s a Drink for That” is sure to land a spot on your fall playlist.

“There’s a Drink for That” is perfect for your next tailgate, while “Good Together” will give you chills. 

START WITH: “Lawn Chair Lazy”– a bop that you’ll sing along to by the second hook/drink order

DON’T MISS:  “Keep It Simple” – the Canadian hit will be sure to make you laugh

Watch James Barker Band “There’s a Drink for That”  music video here.

Jenna Paulette


Jenna Paulette is on the rise -- a modern cowgirl, Jenna has a classic country twang (think Dixie Chicks, George Strait, Shania Twain) built into her unique western sound. Jenna’s current single, “Wild Like the West” is the jam for the long drive on a summer evening.  Speaking of which…I have a history as a Chevy Truck guy, but “F-150” is another one to roll the windows down and crank the radio up for! Check out her music video filmed in Texas here

START WITH: “Wild Like the West” 

DON’T MISS: “Shooting Stars” 

Drew Baldridge


Drew is a country riser with a voice that reminds me of listening to the radio as a kid in South Dakota- traditional country twang dropped into modern lyrics. “Rebound” is a catchy song with a great message reminding us all of our worth, but you can’t miss this Illinois native’s newest single, “Middle of Nowhere Kids.”

START WITH: “Rebound”

DON’T MISS: “Middle of Nowhere Kids” 

David Goldhahn