FULL SAGA: Where in the World are Radley and Ty Bentli!?


After my station in DC flipped formats, Corri and I decided to postpone the next job and return to Los Angeles – the city where we met and fell in love 4 years ago (I won’t bore you with details, but you can bore yourself by CLICKING HERE)

The move from East to West Coast turned into a cross-country, month-long road trip with a 2-year-old!  Most of the travel time was just me and the rugrat – which I anticipated would allow us a max of 11 to 13 miles a day.

Throughout the trip, Corri was flying off to work in NYC or LA, while Rad and I zig-zagged across the US.  My belief that a 2-year-old couldn’t be entertained for long stints in the car was SO wrong!  A huge relief, and simultaneously AWESOME as we used the inspiration of bladders and billboards to decide where we’d stop along the way.

I captured the whole adventure on my iPhone, and edited it one piece at a time while lying in a random hotel (chosen by my Hotels.com app, each night).  After Radley had commandeered the extra queen bed – except that one night in the honeymoon suite… that’s not an off-color joke, and it did include a kicky-feet barricade – I’d mixdown our latest escapades!

As you watch this story unfold, parents will quickly understand why this was hands-down the most-fulfilling month of my life!  I watched my kid mature and physically grow, lean on me and challenge himself, and I learned all the words to a certain (constantly-present) song…


Note: this was initially meant as a home video for my family, but so many friends and family were asking for it, that I started utilizing YouTube and then realized that dads might be curious about the potential of such a trip…or at least enjoy some of the random pit-stops and distractions along the way!

I did realize that there’s absolute no pretense in this video.  I hear my ‘Dad-voice ‘delivery, see the overly-sentimental moments and probably left my social security number in the footage somewhere..  

Click Here for the FULL journey of our cold, hot, crazy, perfect roadtrip!

David Goldhahn